The Network

What We Believe

Today, not enough young people – particularly students of color and low-income students – have the opportunity to engage in invention learning. To build a robust, diverse pipeline of talent equipped to address societal and environmental problems of today and tomorrow, we can’t leave any student behind.

This challenge clarifies our purpose as a network. We believe that all K-12 students should have Invention Education experiences through which they develop the knowledge, skills and inventive mindsets that unlock their creative confidence and prepare them to thrive in an innovation economy.

The Network

The InventEd Network is a coalition of K-12 educators, nonprofit leaders, researchers, government agencies,  funders, and others who are building and supporting the field of Invention Education. We connect throughout the year to learn from one another, share resources and progress, collectively identify and solve problems that advance the field, and increase engagement and understanding of Invention Education.

Our Values

  • We commit to the power of collective action to bring Invention Education to all students.
  • We hold each other accountable by evaluating our progress toward creating an inclusive and supportive community.
  • As a community, we seek to embody the inventive spirit: curious, empathetic, problem-based, and solution-oriented.
  • We strive to be open and collaborative with one another to share resources, ideas, solutions and ownership.

Help Create the Next Generation of Innovators and Problem-Solvers. Join Us!

Are you passionate about the need to better prepare students for the future? Are you committed to increasing the number of students of color and low-income students in STEM learning? Are you interested in revitalizing your teaching practice to improve student learning outcomes? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, join us!

We have nearly 100 different organizations participating in the InventEd Network, and we are growing. Here are a few ways to jump in and start benefiting from this incredible community:

Stay Informed

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Learn and Be Inspired

Featuring leading researchers, practitioners, educators, influencers and more, we explore topics that respond to the needs of and help grow the field. Find an upcoming discussion forum and join the conversation.  Upcoming events can be found here.

Connect with Others

Bring your expertise, and meet like-minded Invention Education educators, researchers, and advocates to  help build the field of Invention Education.

Research Group – join higher education researchers and program providers to:

  • Help define the research agenda for the field
  • Contribute to published papers like this one
  • Build partnerships to apply for grants
  • Co-present at academic conferences on current Invention Education research
  • Converse among peers who can help advance your goals

Educator Group – join fellow in-school educators in this community of practice to:

  • Learn tips and techniques from veteran Invention Educators
  • Explore the role of educators in building the field of Invention Education
  • Connect with peers to discuss current topics in Invention Education
  • Develop new pedagogy in partnership with other educators

For more information on InventEd Network Groups, please contact:

We will be adding new groups as issue areas and interests emerge.

Amplify Your Work

We can help amplify your work through our social channels. Engaged members use this opportunity to promote upcoming events, new research, and accomplishments.

Be our Guest at InventEd 2022

Our annual convening is a great opportunity to:

  • Be introduced to Invention Education
  • Advanced your program goals
  • Explore new approaches and ideas
  • Expand your net work
  • Establish new partnerships
  • Collaborate and scale your works
  • Share experiences and research
  • Create your message and outreach plan
  • Contribute to advancing the field
Be a part of the solution

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