National Inventors’ Day — Celebrating the Power of Invention Education

National Inventors’ Day — Celebrating the Power of Invention Education

On this National Inventors’ Day (Feb 11th), many are honoring the iconic inventors of today and yesterday. These inventors are to invention what LeBron, Beyonce, and Greta are to basketball, music, and activism. But just like anyone can learn to play basketball, sing, or stand up for what they believe in, students can learn to invent and apply that inventive spirit to all aspects of their lives. This is at the heart of the vision of invention education and the mission of the InventEd Network.  

So for this year’s National Inventors’ Day — rather than focus on individual role models — we are taking a moment to celebrate the Top 10 Benefits of Invention Education on all of our platforms. Each of these benefits signals the power that invention education has to give students from all backgrounds the tools to thrive in an increasingly complex social and professional landscape. 

Invention education:

  • Cultivates the skill sets and mindsets that give students the tools to thrive in an ever-changing world
  • Empowers a new generation of change-makers 
  • Reinvigorates the learning environment 
  • Attracts and engages a more diverse set of students in STEM learning — especially those who may not previously see themselves as “STEM students” 
  • Develops entrepreneurial skills — identifying creative solutions to real-life challenges     
  • Builds students’ confidence to embrace many types of learning 
  • Promotes empathy, resilience, collaboration, and grit, which are so critical to social emotional learning 
  • Creates a unique opportunity for educators to have a lasting impact on students’ lives 
  • Increases connection between schools and local communities
  • Sparks a sense of optimism about the future

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